Aeropress GO


The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker is engineered to fuel an active lifestyle. It gives coffee lovers everything they need to conveniently brew superb coffee anywhere. Like the AeroPress Original, the AeroPress Go provides the same great taste and brews American, espresso, and cold brew style coffee that can be enjoyed as is or used in a wide range of energizing and refreshing drinks. Designed in Silicon Valley, Made in USA.



What's Included:


AeroPress Go Chamber & Plunger: For brewing the most delicious coffee ever!

Mug with Lid: Pack up your AeroPress Go into a sturdy, portable mug that you can take anywhere.

Micro-Filters: Includes 100 replacement AeroPress micro-filters. Micro-filters remove grit from your coffee, unlike other press-type coffee makers.

The filter holder makes it easy to take micro-filters with you anywhere you go.

Stirrer: Designed to be the perfect length for AeroPress Go.

Scoop: Measures just the right amount of coffee for delicious, easy AeroPress Go recipes.

Care and Cleaning Care:

To maximize seal life, always eject the used coffee right after brewing and store your AeroPress coffee maker with the seal pushed all the way through the chamber. This keeps the seal free of compression for longer seal life. There is no adhesive on the seal, so you can easily remove it and then replace it on the AeroPress plunger.

Cleaning: For day to day use, a simple rinse is sufficient because the plunger wipes the chamber clean as you brew. However, you can wash AeroPress coffee makers in the dishwasher (top rack only). We recommend occasionally removing the seal from the end of the plunger for a good washing inside and out with warm water and dish soap. If your chamber ever gets sticky, wash it with vinegar.

A little about Aerobie:

Alan Adler was a consulting engineer in the 1970's and 80's, part-time lecturer at Stanford University and toy inventor. He sold his designs to toy companies and his love of sailing and knowledge of aerodynamics inspired him to design a flying disk. His Aerobie Pro flying disk has set numerous world records for the farthest thrown object ! ie. the guy is a genius.

In 2005 he designed the Aeropress. Genius !

The brewing style combines full-immersion with pressure extraction. We're not talking Espresso pressures. No 9-bars here, this is simply you pushing one plastic tube with a rubber bung at the end through another plastic tube, forcing the water through the coffee and filter paper. You have total control over the steep time, the pressure element of the extraction and brew ratios.