Alex Ponce - Palo Verde

  • Tasting Notes Dried Apricot, Prune and Toffee
  • Location Marcala, Honduras
  • Elevation 1600 M
  • Details Natural Pacas and Lempira

Our 2nd release of the year from Honduras, and this time a Naturally processed (dried in the skin) Pacas and Lempira lot from the Marcala region. Alex Ramon Ponce Rodriguez owns the 2.5Ha Palo Verde which sits at 1600m, with 1.5Ha under coffee.

Alex Ponce has been learning about coffee since childhood, from working on his father's farm. When he turned 19, he started working in a clothing factory where he continued to work for nine years.  In 2013, Alex's uncle proposed to sell him a property in Cabañas, La Paz (where his family originates).  He purchased the property with all his factory work savings, and the following year he quit the factory, and started planting coffee on the property.  His dad currently lives on the farm with the family and helps Alex to manage the farm when he's not there.

Alex has expanded his drying station this year making more raised beds, to increase drying space during cloudy days, or when there is less sun during the harvest season.

This is a Natural processed lot.  On the same day as picking, ripe cherries are placed on raised beds to dry until the required moisture/humidity is achieved.  Beans are raked every 30 minutes while drying and hand-sorted to remove defective beans.


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