• Tasting Notes Chocolate, cherry, nuts
  • Blend 70% Brazil Sitio Lagoa
  • Blend 30% Colombia Villa Maria

CHX is our 'Espresso Blend' and is the 10th in the series of these blends since Crankhouse started operations. Rather than keep working through the numbers incrementally we've made a decision to stick at CHX. The content will change as new seasonal elements are selected for the blend but the name will stay the same.  It may be based on one, two or a likely maximum of 3 coffees with the aim for something that is easy to brew with a smooth rounded flavour profile.

We call it an 'Espresso Blend' but this is not a coffee you can only use for Espresso drinks. It's a versatile coffee that is super tasty brewed as a Cafetiere or Aeropress but equally as the Espresso base to your preferred beverage such as a Flat White or Americano.

Like it's predecessors CHX  has a slightly longer development and slightly higher drop (end) temperature taken to in the roaster.  Not massive differences but those extra few seconds and extra few degrees can enable the sugars and body to develop further.

CH X components:


70% Sitio Lagoa
Sud Minas, Brazil
1150 - 1250m
Yellow Catucai

30% Villa Maria Red
Caldas, Colombia
1800 - 1900m

Taste Notes:

Chocolate, cherry and nuts

Creamy and sweet with medium acidity

Brew Guide for Espresso:

Dose 18g/Yield: 36g/Time: 27secs (ie you need scales and a timer).

This is only a starting point. You decide how to get the best from this coffee on your own brewing equipment. If you need some pointers by all means drop us a line and we'll give you some tips and suggestions. If you want to delve into the depths of Espresso geekery you can look at Matt Pergers Espresso Compass on Barista Hustle or read Scott Rao's Professional Barista Handbook

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