Crankhouse Socks


We're upping our merch game with some socks and Tee's based on the new bag design created by local illustrator George Goodwin. First up are these socks. They've just arrived and will be adorning many a sculptured gastrocnemius (calf muscle) in no time.

Available in S/M (37-41) and M/L (42-46).

Back story:

For the last 4 years at the World of Coffee Expos in various cities, one stand at the roasters village has been a constant. Co.Phi are a Polish merchandise brand created for coffee loving folk. The cotton used is sourced directly in a fair trade way from their partner farms in Asia. The dyes used are organic and eco-friendly.

This year at WoC in Athens I searched out the stand and as I approached, the familiar face asked.. "isn't it about time you got your own socks ?". 

You can see the range of their socks and other bits on their insta channel here.

If you order the socks along with one of our new Tee-shirts then we'll automatically apply a 10% discount. Fair enough !