Edinson Argote, Finca Quebraditas

  • Tasting Notes Pink lemonade, honeysuckle and turkish delight
  • Location Huila, Colombia
  • Elevation 1850 M
  • Details Anaerobic washed, thermal shock Sidra

When someone tells you they’ve found the next best thing you typically respond with a doubting ‘yeah ?’. When Jonnie from MiCafe Imports who we’ve previously had stunning coffees from Wilton Benitez said those words, we took note. This coffee is from a young producer that Jonnie has started working with in the Huila region. Edinson has adopted some of the new sophisticated processing methodologies and our first release from him is this stunning Sidra.

His real introduction to specialty coffee came after completing his army service at 20 years of age when he worked for his cousin at a local coffee buying station in Acevedo-Huila, loading and unloading coffee. It was during this time that Edinson developed a keen interest in coffee cupping, pursuing courses to enhance his sensory skills.

Progressing in his career, Edinson gained valuable experience and mentorship while working in some of the most innovative coffee farms in the Cauca region, leading him to become the head of quality and processing control at one of these farms. Grateful for the knowledge and experience gained, he was nonetheless driven by a personal ambition to establish his own coffee farm.

Now, at Quebraditas Coffee Farm, a venture he runs with his family, he cultivates exotic coffee varieties like Gesha, Bourbon Sidra, Ombligon, Eugenoids, Chiroso, and Laurina. Highlighting family ties, hard work, and a drive for progress, Edinson’s journey reflects his commitment to quality and innovation in coffee production.

The method is multi-step starting with a period of oxidisation in the cherry in drums for 16hrs. Then depulping and a further 24hr dry oxidation for 24hrs followed by a brief hot 45C washing (thermal shock). Then the 36hr fermentation using a musto made from macerating the pulp from Sidra, Geisha and Bourbon cherries along with a hybrid Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and Saccharomyces Bayanus yeast culture. Washing at 5C to ‘seal’ the fermentation, and finally 76hr controlled drying. WOW.

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