Hario V60-02 (2-cup) Plastic Dripper


Hario V60 plastic dripper for 2-cup brewing is a simple lightweight and cost-effective way to start you off in the world of filter brewing. The heat-retention might not be the same as for a glass dripper but nevertheless the plastic v60 will allow any brewer at home to experiment with brewing temperatures and times to alternate the coffee taste. Grab one of these together with some paper filters and begin your brewing journey.

The famous Hario cone design is truly special because of a combination of the 60 degrees angle (hence V60), the large hole in the middle and spiral ridges.

Included :

1x Hario V60 Plastic Dripper 02
How to Brew Manual
Measuring Spoon

In addition the Black unit comes with 40 papers in the box.

An exhaustive list of brewing techniques including the V60 pour-over method can be found at this fabulous resource BrewMethods.com

If you want to see how the best do it then checkout Scott Rao's V60 brewing video here.


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