Maria Ramirez Ramirez T'Zun-Wit'z

  • Tasting Notes Red grape, blood orange, brown sugar
  • Location Huehuetenango, Guatemala
  • Elevation 1700 - 1850 M
  • Details Washed Caturra and Bourbon

This coffee comes from Maria Ramirez Ramirez and her small 0.6Ha farm T'Zun-Wit'z in Concepcion Huista, part of the famous Huehuetenango region. In the local Popti language the name means “Birth on the Hill” or “Birth of the Hill”.

During the harvest María makes sure that only the ripe cherries are picked and usually María carries out three picking passes. The depulping of the cherries is done with minimum amount of water and the coffee is fermented in tubs for 36 hours. The coffee is then washed with clean water and dried on patio from five to six days. As a last stage María goes through the parchment and picks out the detectable defects by hand.

The Concepcion area is a coffee paradise. It's rich soils are full of organic matter and are home to many microorganisms, which make sure that the coffee farms in the area are always vigorous and flourishing. Besides the healthy soil they are also surrounded by various species of singing birds and wild animals.

This coffee forms part of our import partner's Primavera special microlot selection called Arcoiris, which means rainbow in Spanish, showcasing coffees from across Guatemala with unique and diverse flavour profiles.


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