Origami ceramic 'M' dripper


We now have a selection of colours of this beautiful iconic porcelain brewer from Japan which can be purchased with or without the Acacia wooden collar.

Origami was founded in 2014 by two brothers with the idea of producing the best accessories for baristas. The brand made a name for itself on the specialty coffee scene when it created its famous dripper, launched in 2016. The idea was born of their desire for a filter holder compatible with both the Kalita Wave filters and conical filters (like the Hario V60 papers).

The brothers grew up in their father’s Koyo Toki ceramics factory in Toki, Gifu Prefecture, which produces drippers and cups. Although part of the production is now robotised, many tasks are still done by hand. They produce their objects to order, meaning no overproduction! The factory even has its own coffee shop and showroom, created to promote local porcelain know-how and showcase the work of over 300 Mino ceramic artisans.

The origami dripper became really popular after it was used in the World Brewers Cup in 2019 by Du Jianing of China, and she ended up winning the competition. The presentation in the competition made the origami dripper look so flawless and magnificent that it caught the eye of a lot of people.

The pour-over dripper has 20 perfectly spaced deep vertical grooves that allow water to flow freely through the coffee bed. The brewers have become one of the most popular brewers at the highest end of coffee competitions due to both their form and functionality. It's also our choice of daily brewer in the roastery.

Please note: the brewers can be purchased with or without the Acacia wooden collar.


These are the 2-4 cup (M) brewers, and suitable filter papers would be the Kalita 185's for flat bottom brewing, or the Hario V60 02 or 03 papers for conical brewing.

Tech stuff:

Porcelain / Made in Japan
Due to the characteristics of porcelain and production conditions, the surface may have fine irregularities or numerous small holes depending on the color and production period. Please note that this is not a defect.

Heat resistant up to 120℃, microwave and dishwasher safe

Φ140 x H87 x bottom hole Φ25mm, approx. 200g