Sitio Lagoa

  • Tasting Notes Yellow plum, cashew and milk chocolate
  • Location Nova Resende, Sud Minas, Brazil
  • Elevation 1150 - 1250 masl
  • Details Natural Yellow Catuai

Our third year with this coffee from Heleno Bachião Dolivo, following in his father’s, grandfather’s and great grandfather’s footsteps as a coffee producer in this region of Nova Resende in the Sud Minas part Minas Gerais. His Italian grandfather, Ricardo Bachião, was a significant producer in the area, producing about 800 to 1,000 bags of coffee a year. At that time, this was considered a huge accomplishment. He was also the deputy mayor of Nova Resende and when he passed away, Heleno’s father, João Bachião Dolivo followed the family tradition of coffee growing, passing it on to the next generations. This is definitely a family affair.


Heleno is proud to continue the family legacy, taking care in all aspects of the harvest and drying and investing in high quality lots. The Nova Resende region of Brazil is the ideal microclimate for growing the Catuai and Mundo Novo varietals of coffee. The isolated location and slower ripening time of the coffee cherry present an opportunity to create the most flavour by naturally processing the beans. As the fruit dries around the coffee bean, a natural fermentation occurs that gives the coffee a robust body and unique sweetness.

This lot is 100% Yellow Catuai and processed as a natural and has classic Brazil characteristics. This is your all day coffee, easy drinking and well balanced with mild acidity and sweetness that will suit any brewing method.

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