Yenni Esperanza Bermudez DECAF

  • Tasting Notes Passionfruit, orange and macadamia
  • Location Cauca, Colombia
  • Elevation 1730 M
  • Details Thermal shock EA DECAF

The most amazing decaf you have ever tasted.

Finca El Paraiso is well known in the specialty coffee world because of its extraordinary coffees and novel fermentation techniques. The name commonly associated with Paraiso is Diego Samuel but his sister Yenni Esperanza deserves recognition and our import partner Cata Exports have given her a voice through this amazing decaf coffee. Yenni is in charge of the farm and manages the entire production with her female team, in addition to working with neighbouring female producers.

The thermal shock process is complex, involving cleaning off the local environmental microbes, adding their own microbial mix and cold water shocking:

  1. Harvesting 95% ripe cherries, 5% red cherries (semi ripe).
  2. Wash the cherry with ozonated water to remove microbes.
  3. First phase of anaerobic cherry fermentation for 48 hours in tanks with pressure relief valve at a temperature of 18 degrees centigrade.
  4. Depulp.
  5. Fermentation second phase: Anaerobic mucilage for 48 hours at 21 C
  6. Washed with thermal shock (in order to transfer and fix the aromas).Firstly, water at 40 degrees then water at 12 degrees.
  7. Controlled drying for 34 hours, with air recirculation at one temperature of 35C and relative humidity of 25%, until a moisture content between 10% and 11% is achieved.
  8. This coffee was then sent off for Sugarcane EA decaf.

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