Spring Classic Blend, brew guides and being an employer


Spring Classic Blend

For those of who who frequently pedal two wheels for leisure or for more than just fun you might know that we've just arrived at one of the most exciting times on the professional racing calendar. The one-day Spring Classics are some of the toughest races on the circuit in some of the most challenging terrain in unpredictable and often adverse weather conditions. Milan San Remo, Paris Roubaix, Tour of Flanders, Liege Baston Liege. Those words conjure up memories of watching some incredible bike racing over the years.

So, what's this got to do with coffee I hear you ask ? Let me tell you.

When I started Crankhouse Coffee I wanted to create a brand that was recognised not only for the dedication and commitment to providing great coffees and service but also with a window into my other passion for cycling. In the first two years of Crankhouse I launched coffees for particular periods of the racing season; Spring Classics, Grand Tours, Falling Leaves etc. In the last two years that has fallen away and I feel like I lost that connection that for me was fundamental when I started.

So, we're back with the first of the years cycling themed coffees, The Spring Classic Blend, a blend of two fabulous coffees:

60% Kenya Kirimahiga AA - washed SL28/SL34

40% Costa Rica Finca Chayote - natural Villa Sarchi

Super sweet and juicy with delicate floral aromatics, creamy body and a long finish. Notes of grape and cape gooseberry (Physalis to the green-fingered amongst us). The Spring Classic season runs through March and April and so will this coffee.. unless of course it sells out sooner.

Brew Guides

Brew guides

We've been working (well Lewis has actually .. more on that in a bit), on some detailed brewing guides for all you home brewers out there. We'll be covering the more popular home breweing methods including Aeropress, V60/dripper, Chemex, Cafetiere, Mokka Pot and possibly Espresso.

First up is the iconic Aeropress. If you don't own one already you're in the minority. Simple, versatile and many people's go to method for home and travelling. There's even a #milehighaeropressclub instagram hashtag.

Here's a link to the new Aeropress guide. We're not saying this is the best way or the only way but it's a good starting point and being consistent is a key. We've added a little discount code for 30% off any coffee purchase if you buy an Aeropress off the site.


Recently Crankhouse expanded by 100% from being a one person (ie. me) operation to two. Lewis and I have known each other from when we both started out on our respective coffee journeys, We've worked in some some of the same places albeit at different times, worked together on tasting and selecting coffees and he's been a strong advocate for Crankhouse both locally in Exeter and further afield within his network of coffee professionals. He's highly skilled and knowledgeable and a thoroughly nice person to boot.

The time had come for me to make a decision about either growing Crankhouse requiring someone else, or maintaining the status quo and staying as a one person business. The latter meant no growth but low risk, the former the potential for growth but with some financial risk. Someone gave me a great analogy when I was describing my dilemma. They said you couldn't build a wall one brick thick. 

Lewis has come on board to help with all operational aspects of the business, roasting, sales, stock control, green buying, customer training, putting coffee in bags and stamping the date on each and every one, and then taking trips to the post office for quick and efficient delivery of customers coffees. ie. some menial time consuming tasks, some not so.

Crankhouse is my first business and Lewis is my first employee. I'm of course apprehensive and at the same time excited to see if two can do this thing better than one.

He can be reached at lewis@crankhousecoffee.co.uk if you like to welcome him or have any comments on his first brew guide method above.

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