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New year, new coffees


We have just released 5 new coffees to kick off 2022. Something for everyone. 1. Ethiopia Chelbesa Ahh - a classic washed Yirgacheffe from the Worka kebele. Clean and vibrant: Orange blossom, bergamot and candied peel. 2. Kenya Gaturiri AA From the Nyeri region this comes from the Gaturi wet mill owned by the Barichu Cooperative society taking cherry from it’s 1100 members: Blackcurrant, tinned strawberries and pink lemonade. 3. Brazil Sitio Baixão de Serra Produced by Abner and Venessa Carva...

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Christmas post, gifts, discounts and saving the best until last


Christmas postal dates It's time to think about getting your Christmas coffee orders in. Imagine running out over the...

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London - festivals and icons


Last week the biggest Coffee Festival in the UK and one of the biggest in the world opened it's post(ish)-COVID era d...

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Two new beauties, a book deal, and the problem with assumptions


We have just released two new coffees. We had to confirm a few process details with the farmer directly before gettin...

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Coffee, container vessels, labelling faux pas and Jack


We were supposed to be launching two new coffees this week, but alas compounded alongside the many challenges facing ...

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Geisha, Cinnamon and bitterness


New releases We have two new coffees to launch imminently. Both special and both very different from one another. Fir...

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2021 is coming..


    This time of year I normally do a post about numbers. You know, the number of kg’s roasted, the number origins,...

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UK Roaster Wars 2020 WRAPUP

02.12.20 The results are in. The first UK Roaster Wars challenge has been run and won. 20 of some of the best specialty roasters in the UK took part and created a great community buzz. Read more

Turning 6

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