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Two Coffees - two roast profiles


We planned to launch two new freshly landed coffees this week and threw out a little taste challenge.  Two coffees, two roast profiles. We had 15 packs and it sold out within a couple of hours of launching. Thanks to everyone who cupped these coffees and had a go at the challenge. First respondent @petenewman1997 was spot on with matching the pairs and picking the shorter/longer roast dates. Here’s the reveal: El Salvador Santa Petrona Anaerobic Honey Pacamara Batch 1 (BLUE) roasted 14/7 - ...

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Dare to dream


Once upon a time….around 2008, I fell in love with coffee. Specifically I fell in love with the process of making gre...

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What's in a name


  A few years back at Coffee Festival I was waiting for the water to be poured on a bunch of Natural Ethiopians on a...

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Operational changes during COVID-19


We, like everyone else have had to make some changes to the normal day-to-day of operating our small roasting busines...

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The name came first. Borne out of a my two passions in life, Cycling and Coffee. The look and feel came next. A des...

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Go through it.. not around it


I wrote this late last night.. I didn’t get a chance to post it but better late.. Tonight I roasted some coffee (shhh...

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We're moving


Not so much of a blog but more an announcement. Today (Wed 16th) is the final day of roasting at our lovely roastery ...

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Competition and growth


A few weeks ago I competed in my first coffee competition, the UK Roasting Championships. It was taxing and stressful and fun and exhausting, I met some fabulous coffee professionals and we shared the experience and a few beers along the way. I didn't win. I didn't expect to. I did come 5th out of the 14 competitors and on reflection that's pretty good. This rather lengthy blog post is a detailed report on the weekend and how the points were easily lost. I'd like to think I'm a better roaster now than I was before the competition.

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Coffee, bikes and dreams


Crankhouse was started with a desire to connect my two passions, cycling and coffee, perhaps with a goal one day of o...

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