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Geisha, Cinnamon and bitterness

Geisha, Cinnamon and bitterness


New releases We have two new coffees to launch imminently. Both special and both very different from one another. First up..Panama Finca Momoto Natural Geisha ‘Beautiful lot’. Geisha (or Gesha) is the golden child of Arabica. Taken from Ethiopia and cultivated in Costa Rica before finding its real home in the highlands of Panama. The altitude, soil and climatic conditions all come together to create the perfect storm for delicate, floral and complex cups. The famous Hacienda La Esmeralda own...

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2021 is coming..


    This time of year I normally do a post about numbers. You know, the number of kg’s roasted, the number origins,...

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UK Roaster Wars 2020 WRAPUP

02.12.20 The results are in. The first UK Roaster Wars challenge has been run and won. 20 of some of the best specialty roasters in the UK took part and created a great community buzz. Read more

Turning 6

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Two Coffees - two roast profiles


We planned to launch two new freshly landed coffees this week and threw out a little taste challenge.  Two coffees, t...

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Dare to dream


Once upon a time….around 2008, I fell in love with coffee. Specifically I fell in love with the process of making gre...

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What's in a name


  A few years back at Coffee Festival I was waiting for the water to be poured on a bunch of Natural Ethiopians on a...

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Operational changes during COVID-19


We, like everyone else have had to make some changes to the normal day-to-day of operating our small roasting busines...

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The name came first. Borne out of a my two passions in life, Cycling and Coffee. The look and feel came next. A des...

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