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Soaking and being stumped (updated with results)

Soaking and being stumped (updated with results)


To soak or not to soak ?.. that was today’s question. Here you see two sets of curves. The lighter colour curves are the previous batch of this coffee with a ‘soak’ charge (I’ll explain). The darker ones are the current batch with no-soak. Bean Temp (BT) is Blue, Exhaust Temp (ET) Red. Now we all know BT isn't actually the 'bean temperature' don't we ? It's the air temp measured by a probe placed in the bean mass as they're being stirred and moved around.  It’s the same coffee and batch size...

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Pass the milk please


Spending a Thursday evening with a bunch of milk wielding coffee geeks turned out to be quite entertaining .. I'm tal...

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Reflections on London Coffee Festival 2017

13.04.17 London Coffee Festival 2017 held at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch ran from the 6th to the 9th April. This was my first time taking a stall and this is a few reflections on my first LCF experience. Read more

This is LONDON calling


Next week is perhaps the UK's biggest yearly event on the speciality coffee calendar, The London Coffee Festival. Fou...

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The Arabica Nights


Last night I was reminded how far I've come and how much further there is to go on my speciality coffee journey. The ...

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A tale of two loaves


Yesterdays market day was a day about Bread. Bread and Calvados (and coffee of course). Over the past 2 years of runn...

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Delays to your online order from 8th Oct to 12th Oct


The Crankhouse Team are taking a little break and there will be delays to on-line orders placed between Saturday 8th ...

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New roastery location and Tour of Britain feedzone


For those that have followed the story so far, you'll know Crankhouse operations centre has been in my garage. It was...

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El Salvador Itinerary and a little background


As well as the usual goals I set myself for developing and growing Crankhouse Coffee at the beginning of the year I a...

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